Sanscript transliterates Sanskrit text from one script to another. Here's how to use it:

  1. Select an Input script and an Output script.
  2. Place your text in the left box.
  3. Click the green button.

Type ## to disable transliteration and ## to enable it again:

  • bhagavad ##(divine one)## gItA → भगवद् (divine one) गीता

You can also disable transliteration for just one character by typing \:

  • bhagavad . gItA\. → भगवद् । गीता.
  • dharmakShetre \## kurukShetre → धर्मक्षेत्रे ## कुरुक्षेत्रे
  • a \a \\ A \A → अ a \ आ A

If you are inputting ITRANS, type {} or _ to break up a conjunct consonant:

  • kShetra k{}Shetra → क्षेत्र क्‍षेत्र
  • barau bara_u → बरौ बर‍उ

If you click the double arrows , the left and right sides are switched.

You can download the code here.


How should Sanscript transliterate to Devanagari? Choose an option below:

  • ajay अजय्   (Sanskrit)
  • ajay अजय   (Hindi/Marathi)

Regardless of your choice, you can always type .h in ITRANS to do "Sanskrit-style" transliteration.